Archive: October, 2007

Searching a Freecycle Mailing List with Gmail

I subscribe to the local freecycle mailing list and have filters set up in Gmail to label all freecycle mail and have it get archived automatically so it doesn’t clutter up my inbox. I don’t check it every day, so I just want to see what’s available right now. Sometimes I also have a specific thing I’m looking for. To help look for these things, I use the following search string in Gmail.

label:freecycle subject:offer subject:-wanted subject:-want subject:-needed subject:-need subject:-taken

You can also add subject:bike and it will only return results that have the word bike in the subject line. This assumes that the label you are using for all of the freecycle messages is freecycle.

Feeding Ducks & The Signmaker’s Plight

The vast majority of people ignore signs with more than two words on them. Ideally, signs shouldn’t have any words on them. There were no ducks near this sign. At first I thought that maybe the sign was placed improperly where no one would see it. Another possibility is that the ducks were there until they put up this sign and people stopped feeding them. People near the edges of other parts of the lake were unaware of the sign and fed the ducks there, where they can now be found in abundance. In any case, I thought it was common knowledge by now that you’re not supposed to throw bread at the ducks.

Ducks being fed bread and a useless sign forbidding it.

Free Phone for Net Neutrality

Want a free cell phone? Lessig has one to give away. Get a free phone from the Lessig Blog! I know I tried. You have to be the 100th person to complete the instructions. I guess he just doesn’t have any use for it. That’s pretty nice of him to give it away rather than eBay the thing. I guess I’m not as altruistic as he is.