750 Words Per Day

I started a new effort today to write three pages worth of writing every day as an exercise to jump-start my brain in the morning and get my ideas out of my head. I have a lot of ideas that I am not ready to express to anyone, so they usually remain unexpressed. Writing is something I am expected to do every day, but not usually in a very creative capacity. 750 Words is a relatively new project that promotes daily free-writing. It can be difficult to establish a new habit when so many other things demand attention and time. 750 Words turns daily writing into a game by awarding points for each completed day. They use a bowling-like scoring system that adds consecutive days’ points together, which further encourages a daily writing routine. I set it up to send me daily reminder emails, too. After each day it analyzes your writing session providing statistics about the speed of the writing and the topics discussed for that day.

I am trying to get coworkers and friends to join me and write together. I think this is something I can keep doing for a long time. Now that LOST is over, I can finally use the extra few hours I used to spend watching LOST, thinking about it, and discussing it with other people.