Category: Goals

750 Words Per Day

I started a new effort today to write three pages worth of writing every day as an exercise to jump-start my brain in the morning and get my ideas out of my head. I have a lot of ideas that I am not ready to express to anyone, so they usually remain unexpressed. Writing is something I am expected to do every day, but not usually in a very creative capacity. 750 Words is a relatively new project that promotes daily free-writing. It can be difficult to establish a new habit when so many other things demand attention and time. 750 Words turns daily writing into a game by awarding points for each completed day. They use a bowling-like scoring system that adds consecutive days’ points together, which further encourages a daily writing routine. I set it up to send me daily reminder emails, too. After each day it analyzes your writing session providing statistics about the speed of the writing and the topics discussed for that day.

I am trying to get coworkers and friends to join me and write together. I think this is something I can keep doing for a long time. Now that LOST is over, I can finally use the extra few hours I used to spend watching LOST, thinking about it, and discussing it with other people.

LinkedIn Updates

I have been working on getting my LinkedIn profile up to date so I can feel comfortable inviting more people to link to me. I have included new functionality to have relevant blog posts included on my LinkedIn profile. I was struggling with how to enter my freelance web design and Linux consulting while I was a student, troche but I think I came up with a solution, so the gaps in my employment history are gone. Excellent!

Wii Popularity Exceeds Supply

I thought I might be able to get a Wii on Monday morning, but it is looking less and less likely the more I read online about the popularity of the Wii and the numerous Costco locations that have already sold out. I was banking on the fact that Costco has been overlooked in previous console releases. The Xbox 360 was still easy to get at most Costco locations the day after its official launch. The only way that I might still be able to get one tomorrow is if one of the local Costco stores didn’t receive a shipment on Sunday and get them in on Monday.

If I can’t get the bundle from Costco it’s not the end of the world. I won’t really have much time to play it anyway. I was still excited for it though. The bundle comes with Zelda: Twilight Princess and Excite Truck. It is looking to be difficult to get Zelda anywhere else; everyone is sold out. Message boards online are also saying that the only way to buy a Wii Remote is from, so it looks like no two-player games for a while. I will post again when I have more information. Here’s hoping that I can find the Wii somewhere tomorrow.

Eliminating Procrastination through GSD

I have some homework that’s due by midnight tonight. One would think that since this homework has a deadline so near and since I know it will take me about two hours worth of work to get it done that I would have picked it up first thing, right? Well, I am really good at finding things to do when there is a task I don’t want to work on. I filled out the rebate form for a product that was recently delivered and got it ready to go. I listened to a podcast while I looked up some information for another assignment that’s due in a couple of weeks that I haven’t started yet. I had some candy and I drank some water. I looked into the newest version of WordPress and the steps needed to upgrade. I noticed that there was a new version of Freevo just released and that got me thinking about DirectFB and df_xine. I looked and saw that DirectFB just released 1.0-rc2 and I downloaded that and started it compiling. I wrote a post for PayPerPost, and I decided to blog about how I’m procrastinating too much.

It’s time to start getting stuff done. I still haven’t decided exactly how I am going to implement it, whether I go paper or digital. Expect progress reports to come.

All Hail the Nintendo Wii

I’ve finally made the decision that I’m going to sell my Gamecube. The sooner the better, I figure, as far as getting money for it goes. I am saving up to buy the Wii as soon as it comes out. I will try to have enough money by then for at least one extra controller and nunchaku and at least one extra game. The way I see it that’s about $325. I am already up to $110 allocated for the Wii. Nintendo appears to have the upper hand with their next console release. The anticipation of the Wii is incredible. I’ve been evangelizing it like crazy and everyone I talk to about it seems really excited. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo can push this one into the mainstream and shake off their kiddie image.