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YNAB 3 on the Verge of Release

I started using YNAB—You Need A Budget—for a couple of years now. It’s software that implements for basic rules about how to handle budgeting. It’s much simpler than Quicken and it provides some functions that Quicken never will. Quicken is good at showing you where your money went, while YNAB will show you where your money will go.

One of the biggest helps with YNAB is the shift in thinking about where the money comes from for spending. The first rule of YNAB is to build a buffer of one month’s worth of expenses, then only spend money that you earned the previous month. While you spend last months income you accumulate the buffer for next month. You always know how much money you have to spend because you already made it last month.


YNAB 3 is going to be amazing!

The Truth about Net Neutrality

Unfortunately, it seems that political ads don’t have to actually tell the truth or use pesky facts to convince people of who and what to vote for. Most political topics can’t be accurately explained in 30 seconds or less. I wish the following video were possible to get on television during commercial breaks. If you don’t know what Net Neutrality is or why you should want laws in place to guarantee it then please take the two and a half minutes to watch the video below. The cable and telephone companies, who constitute the majority of high-speed internet service providers (ISPs), want to make more money at your expense. You will probably see commercials that try to convince you that Net Neutrality is bad, but they won’t talk about why, except by trying to scare you by threatening to raise cable and internet bills. These ads against Net Neutrality are nothing more or less than that; they are threats. The user oepapel on a discussion about Net Neutrality at summed it up best.

The ISPs (the gatekeepers) are basically saying “We want more money. If we can’t charge Google extra because of some Net Neutrality law then we are going to charge you, the customer. So don’t vote for the law and we won’t charge you more. Deal?”

It’s not that they lied, it’s that they skipped right to the end of their thinly veiled threat to raise prices if they don’t get their way. It’s a giant temper tantrum. They see the internet and their customers as an asset to be sold to the highest bidder, only nobody is bidding. None of the content producers are taking the bait. God help us if one of them does because then they ALL will have to in order to stay competitive. Sure, your internet [access] might be cheaper (and that’s a big assumption) but you traded your freedom away to get it. Hope you kept the receipt…

The ISPs are threatening to raise your bills unless they can force other companies with popular websites to pay the ISP just to grant you access to the popular websites. This idea just makes me so angry! And this is only one of the possible misuses if Net Neutrality is not passed into law.


Using tovid to Create DVDs in Linux

tovid is a set of scripts that makes it easy and painless to convert any video you can play with mplayer to a DVD compliant video and even create a DVD structure to burn onto a disc. These video conversion scripts are amazing. I have used them to convert a PowerPoint slide show that I exported to an AVI file of pictures from my mission in Germany. It’s great to finally get this out of a proprietary format before I can no longer play it. It was created by the missionaries in the Mission Office and was synched up to music.

To get tovid and to learn how to set it up, just go to

LEGO Thriller

Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video is one of the greatest music videos of all time. Check out what happens when you throw LEGO in the mix!

I wish this guy would have used a better camera so that things in the foreground weren’t outof focus. Still, I would love to see more work by these people.

Free Open Source Software in Three Dimensions

It amazes me what things are possible when the software is open and people are free to innovate and implement whatever they want. This is Linux running a special OpenGL driven window manager called compiz. Apple pioneered this idea, cialis unhealthy but these folks have taken it to the next level. Keep in mind that although Novell created and released this it is open for anyone else to use, modify, and redistribute. It belongs to everyone. Enjoy!


How to Lose Your Job on National TV

Check out this 100% real, generic functional katana (read: wallhanger sword).


Whistler Tips

Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis explain whistler tips.


After watching this, online you have to watch the Bubb Rubb remix.

Japanese Band-Aid Ingenuity

Band-Aids just don’t work well for most things except for maybe on your back. Fingers are probably the worst though because we use our hands all day and the Band-Aid will eventually just stretch out and fall off or lose all adhesive properties.

Watch this video and learn the simple, almost magical, method for keeping a Band-Aid on all day long.


I’m Never Peeling Another Potato Again

The Japanese seem to be lightyears ahead of everyone else on the technological front. It may not be so, cialis but it certainly appears that way when there are such evidences for everyone to see. Check out this video to see just what I mean.